Optimise your CMMS/EAM with a

Full System Health Check

Are your preventative maintenance schedules too complex?

Have you used appropriate naming protocols, and adhered
to them?

Is your asset data complete?

Whether you are using a CMMS, or a manual system, there’s nothing like a 2nd pair of eyes to help you to see where and how you could be saving time, getting more done more easily.

Whether it is inefficiencies that have started to creep in, or opportunities that haven’t been identified, our Health Check will give you fresh new insights into your maintenance management data work practices.

During this comprehensive assessment, an MC Global consultant will work with you and your team to:

  • study your present management systems onsite (so we can see your daily workflow in action)
  • review current methods and procedures, and
  • identify opportunities for improvements.

Complete with an In-Depth Report

This invaluable report contains a full appraisal of your current situation, as well as recommendations for improvement, PLUS details of benefits you’ll enjoy as a result of implementation.

You can implement any or all recommendations yourself, or engage MC Global to do it.

If you have a slow period – such as around Christmas – this is the perfect time to commission MC Global to conduct your Health Check, with minimum stress and little impact on your operation.

Health Check 1.jpg

How long does the Health Check take?
Generally, 2 – 3 days for medium sized clients with CMMS/EAM systems, but this can vary based on the size and complexity of your system. While some preliminary work can be carried out by the consultant offsite, it is best to conduct the assessment with the system administrator, supervisors and maintenance staff in attendance.

How much?
MC Global can supply a quoted price for the Health Check based on the Consultant’s standard daily rate, plus travel costs.

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